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Blast Investments LLC, PO Box 1761, Folsom CA 95630, United States

Phone: +1-845-288-4669


Carmelo "Mel" Oliveri

A seasoned professional, Mel has been successfully investing in real estate for more than a decade. He is a known speaker at various real estate investment conventions. He also is a licensed NJ contractor, a licensed real estate broker of Blast Realty and the owner of more than 300 doors in several multi-unit properties.

Guido Kaelin

Focused on mobile home parks and mortgage note investments, Guido is also the co-owner of Blast Realty, a fully licensed real estate brokerage in New York and New Jersey. He combines 20+ years of marketing/sales/business development background with an MBA. Since his entry to the real estate industry, Guido has successfully invested in mortgage notes, flipped several houses and added multi-unit properties to his portfolio.